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Amazon Cloud Player arrives on Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System

The Sony Walkman was the first to make music really portable, but you can say that it was Apple’s iPod that helped spread the digital music oats far and wide across the globe. The mantra, “Your Music, Everywhere” would be very apt to describe the Amazon Cloud Player, as it allows customers the ability to be able to enjoy their music across the broadest selection of devices, ranging from the Kindle Fire to a slew of Android-powered devices, in addition to offerings from Apple such as the iPhone, iPod touch and Mac – without discounting perennial favorites like the PC, with the list finally being expanded to include the family of Sonos wireless Hi-Fi systems. With the introduction of Amazon Cloud Player, customers of said service are now able to listen to their music library throughout their home – sans wires, of course. The Amazon Cloud Player will allow customers to be able to securely store music in the cloud, playing it back at a later period on any of the previously mentioned devices, over Sonos. Steve Boom, vice president of Digital Music for Amazon, said, “Our goal is to enable customers to enjoy all their music, wherever they are, and on any device. Launching on Sonos today is an important part of that strategy, as our customers have been asking us to add Sonos to the list of compatible Cloud Player devices ever since we first launched Cloud Player. We will continue to add support for more devices and platforms later this year.” Right now, there are millions of customers who make use of Amazon Cloud Player already to download, manage and stream their music in the cloud as well as the mentioned devices. Thanks to its availability on Sonos, Amazon Cloud Player will be able to march onwards by offering a broad selection of cloud playback solutions. For the uninitiated, the Amazon Cloud Player is a service which allows subscribers to securely store their personal music in the cloud, where they can enjoy a playback of it later on across a wide range of devices. It is also automatically integrated into Kindle Fire, so whenever you turn on your Kindle Fire, you can enjoy the full gamut of Cloud Player benefits right out of the box. All Amazon MP3 purchases as well as up to 250 imported songs can be stashed away for free. Press Release ]]>

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