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Amazing Case for the iPhone 6 works even when phone battery is dead

puregear-maze-caseSo you have gotten yourself a spanking new iPhone 6, and would not want to take any chance with the shiny new smartphone in terms of its durability, which is why most of the time, it would be a protective case that would end up as the next purchase. Having said that, with so many different kinds of iPhone 6 cases to choose from, which one would suit you the best? PureGear might have just the thing for you, with its extremely popular Amazing Case for the iPhone 6. What makes this Amazing Case so different from the others that it warrants such a name? For starters, just take a look at the design and you might be won over.

This particularly clever case would place the fun in “fun-ctional” for one simple reason – it engages users in a game of wits right there and then on the back of their handset. With the Amazing Case, the sleek looking iPhone 6 can be instantly transformed into a handheld game, as users learn to navigate through twists and turns as they attempt to maneuver the ball through a colorful winding maze. This will definitely resonate with the older smartphone users, that is for sure, as there are such games in the past that were in the market to keep the young ones occupied a few decades back, during the dark ages of portable gaming.

The Amazing Case’s one-piece design is so easy to use, snapping it on and off can be done in the bat of an eyelid, while its sturdy exterior is more than capable of standing tough against every day wear and tear. Not only that, the case’s unique design and practical features will also deliver a new twist to modern day protection. Those who are interested will be able to pick up the Amazing Case for $34.99 a pop, as it comes in black/green, blue/yellow and pink/yellow color configurations. Best of all is, even when your iPhone 6 is all out of battery, you can still give the Amazing Case a go!

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