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A-Maze-Ball Maze Game gets the brain thinking

amazeDo you sometimes feel that modern day entertainment for children happen to be rather subdued, in a sense that they do not need to do much active thinking on their part, but rather, are fed with information after information, flooding their senses with fantastic graphics and visuals as well as realistic audio, but do not really help the little ones to be smarter? How about taking a step back from the world of technology and concentrating on something that is a little bit more amish in style, so to speak, with the $9.99 A-Maze-Ball Maze Game.

The A-Maze-Ball Maze Game happens to be a giant puzzle sphere that offers plenty of fun for the whole family, where it will definitely be able to improve hand-eye coordination as well as spatial relations. You can pick from easy (orange), medium (red), or hard (blue) difficulty level, and this small sphere boasts of a really cool three-dimensional maze that has a ball bearing within. You are supposed to guide the ball bearing from one end of the maze to the other. Definitely one of the cooler portable maze games that we have seen to date.