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Altered:Nozzle is going to keep your water usage in check


Living in California had made me insanely aware of how much water I waste. Everyone is concerned with how much they¬†use, as well they should be in the middle of a drought! Of course, when you turn the water on, you’re not normally going to take special precaution to let it flow just enough for whatever the task at hand may be; you fling back the handle¬†until there’s a visually satisfying amount of water gushing onto your hands.

Since most of the water that a faucet blurbs out will only bounce off your skin, it only makes sense that we should alter our practices. The Altered Nozzle is an attachment for your preexisting faucet that will help you only use what water you need, by cutting down your usage by 98%. To put it on, you only need to remove the aerator in your faucet, put in the Altered Nozzle with the gasket, put on the handle and presto!

Since you’ll be using less water, you can expect quite a bit of savings on your water bill, meaning this thing will pay for itself in only a few months. On top of only costing you around $48, this will also make washing your hands, food, and dishes far easier too as you won’t be relying on a single stream of water. When you do want to fill up a glass of water, you only need to turn the handle and you’ll get a good stream of water back again for a faster fillup.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter