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Altar Upcycled Pinball Tables expensive but well worth it

altar-pinballI would like to think that pinball tables are classic items that need to be preserved, as an entire generation grew up with this as part of their exposure to the teen years at dingy looking arcades. Having said that, to own a pinball table these days would require a fair amount of investment due to the kind of effort that is required to build one of these bad boys, which is why folks have more or less moved on to a digital pinball table. While those might not offer the physical thrill of playing with the real deal, it has far better graphics and more options. If you have some cash to splash, the £12,000 Altar Upcycled Pinball Tables sound like a decent addition to your living room.

The Altar Upcycled Pinball Tables will be a whole new ball game, pardon the pun, as it reincarnates classic pinball tables in the form of stunning coffee tables. These aged cabinets have been given a real face-lift by master-craftsmen, where no two are alike since each one of them happen to be customized by hand, making them a true blue one-of-a-kind collectors items. These timeless playfields have been restored to their buzzing, flashing former glory, and you will most probably never see anything like it ever again.