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Alpha 2 humanoid robot out to aid humanity

alpha2While we might be a long, long time away from the Jetsons era where domestic help around the home comes in the form of a robot, this does not mean that humanity is so far removed from reality that we have not made any huge strides in the world of robotics to see a Jetsons future materialize. On the contrary, what we see here with the launch of the new Alpha 2 humanoid robot by the folks over at robotics startup UBTECH Robotics is certainly a novel idea that is worth exploring, as the Alpha 2 humanoid robot is the first ever designed for practical household service and companionship.

It does make plenty of sense, really, as smartphones these days tend to arrive with ubiquitous and intelligent, interactive apps as well as features to end up as an integral part of our lives. Hence, this drives a trend for increasingly human-like, responsive technology, and the application of intelligence from the smartphone world to the world of humanoid robots has resulted in UBTECH Robotics’ technology work out the Alpha 2.

Thanks to the unique servo technology used in Alpha 2, it is able to showcase an unprecedented level of flexibility and efficient movement. The Alpha 2’s 20 servo motors make it fully capable of bending the robot’s joints and provide exceptional dexterity. Being the first humanoid robot that has been specially designed for the family, UBTECH CEO James Chow shared, “We are looking forward to launching the Alpha 2 and fulfilling our dream of enabling every family to have its own intelligent robot. We hope our crowdfunding effort will drive both excitement and support for this new technology.”

The Alpha 2 has been designed to be a functional, interactive family robot that is capable of accomplishing a wide range of typical household tasks, where among them include managing weekly calendars and providing verbal reminders for scheduled tasks, engaging in free talk and following verbal instructions, snapping high quality photographs and posting to social media for important events in one’s life, to perform home security monitoring and alerts, keeping children, guests and even pets entertained, the list goes on!
It remains to be seen just how much the Alpha 2 will cost when it eventually hits the market though, so stay tuned.

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  1. Keeping calendars and snapping photos are hardly vital household tasks. When this thing can wash dishes, make beds, and throw out the trash — then the inventors might have something!

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