Alllu VehiGo scooter helps you get around in style

allutechPersonal mobility devices have certainly improved by leaps and bounds over the years, having seen their price drop to extremely affordable levels without having to take up the space of a first generation Segway. Alllu, a leader in the foldable electric scooter industry, has recently announced their latest VehiGo scooter that has been specially designed to be the world’s first quick charge foldable electric scooter.

The VehiGo is not finalized just yet, as it has been projected to launch on Kickstarter with an early bird price of $649 a pop. At that price point, it is extremely attractive, making it extremely easy to narrow down on its target market: urban markets where parking is always an issue. Since the VehiGo is able to be folded with ease, the rider has it simple. To use the Alllu VehiGo, just take it out of the vehicle’s trunk, bring it with you on your daily commute on the bus, subway or train, and when you have arrived at your destination, just unfold it and continue on your journey.

One will be able to choose from red, black and silver colors, and all of them will boast of three-wheel safety, making it different from other kinds of stand-up electric scooters. This ensures riders can enjoy a safe and natural trip, where users stand up on the feet plate without having to holding the handlebar while maintaining their natural balance. One can lean left or lean right, and it will still remain stable without tumbling.

With the ability to charge quickly, 15 minutes connected to the power outlet will provide you with up to 20km of traveling distance. It has a 5000 times recycling multi-component lithium battery that provides consistency of joyful riding, and is able to support riders of up to 100kgs/220pounds. Not only that, it boasts of 360° limitless steering that allows users to operate forward and backward without stepping off the scooter.

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