Alligetter Grabber LED Tool


It’s never good when you manage to drop something down in a crack that’s impossible to get into.  It always seems like it happens in a very dark area that’s close to impossible to get at.  Then to top it off, you had to drop something expensive and irreplaceable.  It’s just the way it works.  Well Now you can have an Alligetter Grabber LED Tool to save the day.  It’ll make sure that nothing ever stays out of your reach for long.

Not only will it grab things out of those hard to reach places, but it lights the way as well.  It has serrated teeth to make sure it can grip things even better and a spring-loaded trigger to grab them.  The handle itself can fold away for easy storage.  It also comes with a flap spreader to make it easier to grab things out of the garbage disposal.  The tool itself is 15” long and takes 4 button batteries, which are included upon purchasing the item.  You can pick it up for $19.95 from The Wireless Catalog.

Source: NerdApproved