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The AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG – stay healthy and stress-free

Kardia EKG

We don’t like going to see our doctor. Not only is the hospital teeming with germs, viruses, and needles, but scheduling an appointment and making the time to get to it are a pain. When you have an active health issue, then it becomes even more of a nuisance as you don’t want to neglect your health, but also don’t want to go to the ER every time something flares up.

 If you have a heart problem, especially with some form of acid reflux sprinkled on top, then every instance of feeling a little off seems like a cause for alarm. Rather than going in for every irregularity, you can get the AliveCor Kardia Mobile ECG to check in. This is an FDA-cleared, clinical-grade mobile EKG monitor that will let you do an EKG in about 30 seconds so you can know whether or not your heart is doing something it shouldn’t be.

This device is smaller than a credit card, and will play nicely with most smartphones and tablets. While your fingers are on the sensors for 30 seconds, you have the option to record a voice memo about how you’re feeling so you can keep track of specifics surrounding that reading. It uses easy-to-find batteries, and will only cost you $99. This is cheaper than a hospital visit in both time and money, and gives you peace of mind for being proactive about your health.

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