Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame

Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame

I bet some people already got tired of reading about digital frames after the third time it was mentioned, we are now talking about the 7th digi frame counting with the small keychains too. Lets recapitulate what we have so far:

  • Parrot Photo Viewer
  • NuVue Digital Photo Frame
  • Wi-Fi Gmail / Flickr Enabled Picture Frame – clearly the best one, why aren’t there more frames with Wi-Fi and a connection to Flickr so you can have different photos for each day of the year?
  • YAT Digital Picture Frame
  • Digital Photo Keychain
  • Picture Keyring – the black sheep of small digi frames

Now, onto our device of the day – the Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame. What does it have that others don’t already offer? A calendar function! Yes, as simple as it might look/sound this is a new feature for this kind of devices. It lets you set a specific photo to be displayed on a specific date, for example: if your friends birthday is on the 15th of December you could wake up and remember it + you will have the pleasure to look at picture of your beloved friend!

The more technical features include various card slots that are compatible with the frame, like SD, MMC and MS cards. It is a good option to get more storage capacity than the built-in memory of 512MB. The Alita Pixxa has a LCD screen measuring 8-inches, it comes with a (wireless) infrared remote, an alarm clock, and the capability to play movies or music, phewwwww.

It is a bit expensive for the features it presents – $300