Alessi Blank Wall Clock

If you’re a serious doodler, then you need all sorts of surfaces to perfect your art on.  Thankfully there are those committed to making strange clocks that allow for you to scribble all over to your heart’s content.  One of which is this Alessi clock that even comes with its very own magic marker.  Life just wouldn’t be the same without a full set of magic markers.  If you’re feeling particularly wild, you could even go out and purchase some multi-colored markers.

The whole clock is completely blank and even the hands feature a bright white design.  On the clock you can doodle your numbers however you choose.  Be it roman numerals, spelling it out or just using a tally chart.  Either way you’ll have plenty of options on drawing it out.  Unfortunately though, the clock will actually cost you a whole lot of cash.  To pick one up it’ll cost you $155 through Alessi.

Source: Bltd