Last Alert – Find your Phone even after it’s Dead

The alarm goes off in the morning and everyone scrambles. Right about the time we should be getting in the car to get my daughter to school, the inevitable happens…Wheres my phone? And the search is on. Yes, I know we should just put our phones in the same place every night. Yes, I know all this unpleasantness could be avoided, but how many of you have misplaced or dropped your phone somewhere and couldn’t find it? Come on, a show of hands please.
So I want you to check out Last Alert, a neat new app designed to help you find your lost iDevice, even if (horror of horrors) you know the battery is dying. Last Alert not only emits an audible tone letting you know your battery is dying but it will actually send you an email during your phones last gasp of energy, letting you know the actual location of its demise. But thats not all!
If you have Last Alert installed on a second iDevice, you know, one you managed to keep track of, you can use the apps built in compass to literally lead you to the last known location of your phone. The tracker uses a “your getting warmer” type ping to let you know when you’re getting close.
If the app is successful, the developer plans an Android version as well. I see this as being a pretty useful little tool and I pity anyone that even thinks of stealing an iPhone or iPad these days, the probability of getting caught red handed just keeps climbing higher. So if you like your stuff, and want to keep tabs on it, check out Last Alert  at the app store for under 2 bucks.