AlcoholOmeter Glasses relieves you of thinking

Don’t you just hate it that one pint is not necessarily one pint? For starters, are we talking about an American or British pint? For those of us who are seasoned veterans at the local watering hole, you would know that having one drink is never enough, and the more beers we chug down, the more intoxicated we’ll become while losing control of our mental faculties by the minute. Enter the AlcoholOmeter Glasses from Firebox that does all the “thinking” for you, since it will let you know the equivalent of various volumes, including half a pint and others. It will also help you pace yourself better since you can have an easier time counting the units of alcohol in your drink without missing a beat. At £8.99 per glass, you can choose from wine or pint versions, depending on the poison of your choice.