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The Alchema lets you make your own craft cider


Making something that is more complex than a a sandwich is heralded as an achievement in this day and age. Not only do you have to look up a recipe online, go out and buy the particular ingredients, but you have to oversee all of the preparation and cooking process as well. That much time and foresight is quite admirable when most of us are living off of protein bars and shakes to keep us alive.

If you are really into making everything yourself, then you likely want to make your own booze for parties and friend gatherings as well. The Alchema looks like a space pod, but will take all the guesswork out of making your own craft cider. Everyone has at least heard of craft brews, but this will give you at least 500 extra hipster points among those closest to you. The only things you’ll have to worry about is picking a recipe off of the corresponding app, adding ingredients, yeast, and then waiting 1-2 weeks.

No seriously, that’s it. You can do this whole process on your own, and as someone who has made strawberry rhubarb wine in the past, trust me, the Alchema method would be far easier. This has a medical-grade UV-C LED light for sanitation purposes, an air pressure sensor, auto release valve, cloud calculation for alcohol level, and any changes will be known to you in the time it takes to receive an alert on your phone. This will cost you $429, and will start shipping out in September of next year.

Available for preorder on indiegogo

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