ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery

album-portableYou know how proud grandparents love to show off pictures of their descendants by pulling out there wallets and purses? Well, why not settle for something more high tech with the ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery that is able to hold up to a whopping 40,000 pictures in your pocket – whereby your audience (who are most probably within the same age range as you) would have nodded off before you’re even a hundred pictures through…

No bigger than a paperback, this ultra-chic 4GB photo album can store over 40,000 photos, showcasing them on its eye-poppingly crisp 7” screen. Just upload your photos directly from your digital camera, memory card, flash drive or computer, then pop the ALBUM in your pocket or bag. It’s a doddle. The arrow buttons move between directories or photos. The middle button opens directorie, enters the menu, or confirms a selection.As you’d expect, the idiot-proof ALBUM features an automatic slideshow function. You can also scroll through pics manually, delete photos and create albums and favorites using its unobtrusive side buttons.

Make grandpa or grandma proud with the £179.95 ALBUM Portable Digital Photo Gallery as a gift – better do it soon before it is too late!

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