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Akitio Thunder3 Quad offers an exceptional storage solution

thunderbolt3When it comes to storing data from your collection of devices – photographs snapped using a smartphone or perhaps your digital camera, plenty of movies downloaded onto your device, or simply your digital music catalogue that has since outgrown itself, there are different ways and methods of doing so. Some of us might migrate to the cloud to get the job done, but if you would want something that is far longer lasting and faster to access, then the Akitio Thunder3 Quad might fit the bill perfectly.

The Akitio Thunder3 Quad has been specially designed to unleash the groundbreaking speed and flexibility of the Thunderbolt 3 standard, where it was developed to handle the data protection and performance requirements for today’s ever-growing media libraries, ensuring that the user ends up with nothing but fast transfers alongside the added flexibility of a DisplayPort video output in a form factor that is small enough for a desktop.

The revolutionary 40Gb/s bandwidth of Thunderbolt 3 will continue to transform the storage industry, where one can better store, transfer, save, protect, and edit one’s creative content – and at the same time, free up valuable space on computers. With the Thunder3 Quad, you will be able to enjoy transfer speeds of up to 1375 MB/s while simultaneously providing a couple of 4K video streams to connected displays, making it perfect for consumers and professionals who desire high speed external storage and/or video streams in one connection.

The Thunder3 Quad 4-bay enclosure will boast of a couple of Thunderbolt 3 Ports and a DisplayPort video output that allows it to connect to the latest 4K 60Hz displays. The second Thunderbolt 3 port on the Thunder3 Quad will operate in the same manner as that of a Thunderbolt 3 computer port as it supports Thunderbolt 3 (up to 5 daisy chained), USB 3.1 (10Gb/s), and DisplayPort devices. Not only that, there is a quartet of trays in the Thunder3 Quad which will be completely flexible in accommodating either 2.5″ SSDs or HDDs, or 3.5″ HDDs, ensuring unparalleled combination of performance and capacity of up to 40TB of storage with drives available in the market today.

Expect the Thunder3 Quad to arrive later this month for $429.99 a pop for the diskless (0TB) enclosure.

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