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Akitio Node Pro ups the ante for PCIe boxes

akitioAkitio is no stranger when it comes to introducing large sized computer accessories that will help enhance your productivity, regardless of whether you are working from home or are an office drone. In the past, they have rolled out products such as the Thunder3 Quad that offered exceptional storage capabilities, while this time around they decided to take the hugely popular Node Lite PCIe Box and turned it into a larger sized mode, aptly calling it the Node Pro. The Thunder3 Node Pro is large enough to handle full-length PCIe cards while featuring a built-in 500 Watt power supply that makes it powerful enough to power most PCIe cards that are currently available on the market. In other words, the Node Pro has been specially designed in order to make it a companion for professional cards, including the Red Rocket X and other kinds of high-end graphics cards.

The Node Pro will hook up to a Windows or Mac computer through Thunderbolt 3, where it will be able to instantly upgrade a regular laptop or a mini PC, making it possible to perform tasks that would normally require the specifications of a high-end workstation. Having been designed with professional video editors, colorists and other creative professionals in mind, users are able to connect virtually any PCIe card to their existing Thunderbolt 3 system.

With a couple of Thunderbolt 3 ports that enable daisy chaining another Thunderbolt or USB 3 Type-C device, in addition to a dedicated DisplayPort that will allow the connection with an additional monitor, you are more or less set for great things. The two Thunderbolt 3 ports are capable of providing up to 60Watts of power, allowing it to charge the host computer and/or supply power to the downstream devices. Not only that, there is a pop-out handle that is located on the top of the unit, enabling the Node Pro to be one portable device no matter where you go. Expect the Akitio Node Pro to retail for $359.99 a pop if you would like to augment your PC user experience.

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