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AIUR 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker

AIUR-speakerWhile we have seen our fair share of smart devices in the past that rely on voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri and other equivalents, the future might not just rely on speaking to your devices and appliances around the home to get them going. Perhaps some of them might work just as well through the use of gesture controls, and this is the main idea that fueled the creation of the AIUR 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker that has just launched on Kickstarter recently. Touted to be the most advanced gesture control Hi-Fi speaker in the market when it arrives, it is said to be jam-packed with features and functions that will elevate the music listening experience.

The AIUR 360° Air Gesture Control Hi-Fi Speaker is very different from your regular set of speakers that will be able to take advantage of perhaps one or two gestures at most. This is because AIUR will make use of an advanced core technology that boasts of 3D infrared sensing which is more nuanced and sensitive compared to other competitors. With complex pattern recognition algorithms embedded into the software, working alongside a high tech 15mm sensor module, this enables the AIUR to accurately detect more than 10 kinds of hand movements as well as gestures, as long as these are performed within a range of 11 inches. To make things more interesting, there is an LED light that adds a life-like quality and conveniently informs you of any changes visually made via gesture control.

Since it is primarily a speaker, sound quality is of utmost importance, so rest assured that the AIUR will be able to outperform other speakers in its class. This is because it has been specially developed using the patented technology of “F-Round” when it comes to echo cancellation and noise reduction, while making use of DSP Technology and 3D Surround Sound in order to offer powerful and clear sound through its pair of stereo speakers. It hooks up wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2, and the rechargeable 6000mAh onboard battery delivers approximately 12 hours of streaming music. To sweeten the deal, the AIUR has a water-resistant exterior, making it safe for anyone to enjoy music even while they’re taking a shower.

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