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Airwheel SR3 suitcase will follow you wherever you go

Airwheel_SR3Have you ever lost your suitcase before among a sea of passengers or people when you travel? After all, there are only so many different kinds of designs in which luggages come in, and many a time we would have had to tie a bright colored string around ours in order to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd. Perhaps it is time to ditch such thinking and do less heavy lifting upon arrival at the airport through the introduction of the Airwheel SR3 smart robot suitcase.

 Yes sir, a piece of smart luggage that is able to follow you around wherever you go on its four multi-directional wheels. Such an autonomous luggage will surely be a boon to frequent travelers who might have other things on their minds to attend to when they travel. Some of the helpful features that have been thrown into the mix include auto-follow and intelligent obstacle, which we suspect would have taken a leaf out of the robotic vacuum cleaner’s books. Powered by a removable battery, there is also an anti-loss alarm alongside the ability to control it remotely.

The integrated visual tracking and sensor technology enables the Airwheel SR3 to accurately identify its owner using real-time visual recognition and tracking algorithms, switching into auto-follow mode so that you can concentrate on other tasks at hand upon your arrival. Hopefully if the Airwheel SR3 becomes more and more popular, we will not end up hearing about cases of suitcase-napping or abductions! These smart features can be activated simply by pulling out the extendable intelligent recognition rod and turning the power on.

A slew of sensors that have been integrated in the Airwheel SR3 include a camera, radar and an ultrasonic receiver, in addition to simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) technology. This lets it instantly identify, lock and follow the user for hands-free transport. It will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and is good for launch. There is no word on how much it will cost though.

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