Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts

I always thought walking around on stilts would be challenging.  After all, a pair of stilettos is challenging enough, much less adding several inches of height.  It turns out that stilts weren’t nearly challenging enough for those of you that are overachievers.  Nope, you had to go and make me look bad by using Jumping Stilts.  Honestly, that’s just showing off.

These Air-Trekker Stilts will add some height, plus the added benefit of making you a very bouncy person.  These pro cuffs will hold 176 to 198lbs, so they are made for adults.  You can buy them new and used through Amazon, but sadly you will have to pay big money for those big boy toys.  To pick up a set of new stilts it’ll cost you $302 or $260 for a used set.

Source: GadgetGrid