AIRprint Fingerprint Scanner – ‘Prints’ You, from 20 Feet Away

I’m not sure I like the direction things are heading in. I can honestly say that I see the benefit in being able to know who’s who and where they are, but I have a problem with things like facial recognition. Maybe its not fair to say that, I suppose I have a problem with the way it can be used. Okay, I confess, I like it when it helps to catch the bad guy, and I hate it when it could be used to invade my privacy, and facial recognition is just one of many ways ‘Big Brother’ can keep track of you.
Check out this new AIRprint high tech fingerprint scanner, soon gone are the days where you get your little fingers inked on a stamp pad and rolled across a piece of paper (not that I have any personal knowledge of the procedure) this scanner can actually capture your digit prints without you even knowing it, from up to 20 feet away, and it’s better than facial recognition, because it has a fingerprint database to compare the prints to, and if your prints are on file, they know who you are.
Different from your average optical scanner that uses high resolution cameras to capture actual detailed images of your fingers, the AIRprint uses 2 small 1.3 megapixel cameras and a flash of light. One of the cameras catches vertical light while the other catches it horizontally and in essence, using special algorithms, creates a map of our fingerprints. To hear it be told the AIRprint scanner is meant to assist security personnel to quickly collect a fingerprint database. Once again, I’m not sure about this. How do you feel about having your fingerprints collected without your knowledge? I know that until I decide, I’m wearing my gloves.