The airport of 2050 could actually be more efficient

I think we all know that air travel is getting a little more uncomfortable every year, and I think we all know that is going to get worse.
In fact, a recent statistic has shown that it will increase from 6.5 million passengers per day to 44 million per day by the year 2050. Fortunately, aerospace giant EADS is teamed with a European tech consulting firm Altran to create a more efficient airport.
It was recently shown off at the Paris Air Show, and the video after the jump shows off the new system, the “friend-lean”. Yes, that seems to imply that we are leaning on each other, but this is not how they are hoping to resolve the coming problem of airport overcrowding.
The solution is re-creating airports and combining them with train stations. There is no more getting lost in between flights, as these miniature pods take passengers directly to the gate. Personalized schedules on mobile devices are also going to be big, and apparently, a passenger could arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the flight to the airport and get on board. I guess getting through airport security will be faster too.
In fact, there is even plans to have one of these mini-pods come to your house and take you to your plane. I suppose that we will see by the year 2050.