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AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer

physics-hand-dryerI do admit, one of the best hand dryers that I have ever used would be the one from Dyson – the Dyson Airblade, and it would be nice if Dyson could come up with hair dryers that carry such a brand name, too, as I am quite sure it would be able to dry your hair in double quick time without causing unnecessary damage along the way. Until that day arrives, however, one will just have to make do with the many of the hair drying solutions in the market. How about a hands-free version that will allow you to be more productive while your freshly washed hair is dried? This is where the $179.99 AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer comes in handy.

First developed by a stylist and salon owner who has racked up more than 32 years of experience, the powerful 1500W Hands-Free Hair Dryer will be able to rest on just about any hard surface, and can be easily activated with but a touch of a button, allowing both hands to be free to comb, brush and style your hair even as it dries. Not only that, the Hands-Free Hair Dryer happens to be extremely versatile, letting you pick it up if you feel that old habits are hard to break, using it as a traditional handheld blow dryer. Each purchase would be accompanied by a couple of two attachments – namely, the Accelerator and the Finisher.