AIRbudz earbuds enables ambient noise to come in

AIRbudz earbuds

Now here is a different earbud solution for those who love their music, and yet want to get a handle on what is going on around them – with the AIRbudz earbud solution that paves the way for ambient noise to roll in. First launched on Kickstarter, SafeSound Products hopes that runners, bikers and music enthusiasts will be able to pool their monetary resources together in order to get the AIRbudz up and running. After all, it is not worth keeping fit so that you can live for a few more years only to have your life shortened in the blink of an eye because you failed to heed the warning honk of a fast moving vehicle bearing down on you behind.

Just how do the AIRbudz work? For starters, they come with air channels that are built right into the earbuds, enabling you to simultaneously hear music without any distortion, while enabling ambient noise to make its way into your ears. It is said that the AIRbudz will be able to fit approximately 70% of headphones with removable earbuds which are in the market right now, so you might want to look into replacing the noise canceling earbuds.

Each AIRbudz purchase will comprise of nine AIRbudz, three sets of each size – small, medium and large, where you can choose from Monochrome, Jewel Tones, Patriotic, Primary Colors, Rastafari, Glow in the Dark and Neon color combinations. Unfortunately, if you are looking for earbuds with a mic, these aren’t for you.

Just how much do you need to contribute to the Kickstarter project to be able to bring home the AIRbudz when it is finally available? Well, we are looking at $10 at the very least, where $20 or more will offer contributors one of the first packages of AIRbudz, an exclusive Kickstarter carrying case and a pair of headphones. Apart from that, there are other monetary contributions that you can make, where $800 will see you receive 100 packages of AIRbudz, while double that amount and you get 100 packages of AIRbudz and 100 headphones. If you have $3,300 sitting around somewhere, that translates to 500 packages of AIRbudz, while pledging $7,500 will see you receive 500 packages of AIRbudz and 500 headphones.