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Air New Zealand is redefining coach in a comfortable way

250-skycouchWhile I was traveling to Las Vegas for CES 2010, the experience wasn’t exactly something that I would love to go through frequently since I felt claustrophobic, being left in a small enough space with very little room to breathe. Of course, if I was in Business or First class things would be very much different, but Economy class gets me to the destination at the same time, so thank God for small blessings in life.

I could go on about how I can’t get out of my seat if I’m sitting by the window, and can’t get to the bathroom with that drink cart going down the aisle, but that really is the job of stand-up comedians.

You really don’t need me to tell you how uncomfortable modern-day travel is. However, this newly outfitted 777 by Air New Zealand could make air travel the “friendly skies” once again. This coach cabin (that’s right, this is coach) has 11 rows of seats that can fold into skycouches, creating a convenient bed for two.

Granted, you aren’t going to want to sleep in this fold-out bed with a complete stranger, but couples who book their flight can get a rebate on that third seat. This could definitely make the flight very relaxing and somewhat romantic for couples, but I wouldn’t suggest this as a method for joining the mile-high club.

The plan is also to make these section equipped with power sockets, USB ports, and even iPod connectors. Man, I could easily live on a plane with this accommodation!


9 thoughts on “Air New Zealand is redefining coach in a comfortable way”

  1. Did you really just compare a few hours of discomfort in an airplane to being tormented, beaten, and led to certain death?

    What a way to be a whiny little bitch.

  2. your recent flight vs. jews being transported to concentration camps during the holocaust – the ONLY difference is passengers were allowed to sit? your comparison is ridiculous & offensive. real nice, mark.

  3. Your remark on the holocaust and boxcars is deeply offensive, and I would advise that you pull it immediately. The comparison is odious. As a regular reader I can tell you that I will not be back if it stays.

    • Hi Llyod, covert, kimmis, sorry for the comparison. We’ve made amendments to the post, and would like to send out our deepest apologies to all who were offended by the statement. Just as there are many roads to Rome, so are there different ways to type a post, and this is where the individuality of writers shine through, but on behalf of Mark, we deeply regret for that grave error, and ensure that nothing like that slips through our editorial nets in the future.

      Cheers, and hope to see you be a regular reader. Thanks for being with us all the while! 🙂

  4. I would like to add on to what Edwin has said. I had no idea that my comparison to air travel and the method of transportation of the holocaust would cause this outrage on behalf of our readers. I was trying to compare the cramped conditions of each, which Edwin was good enough to reword. I have a lot of respect for those who went through the holocaust, and would not want to turn their experiences into a punchline. I will be more careful with my illustrations in the future, and I would like to apologize for what has occurred.

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