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Air Quality Sensing Purifier gets the job done quietly

air-quality-sensing-purifierAs the world gets more and more polluted, you can be sure that there will be different kinds of new devices and technological marvels which intend to make life more pleasant, and of course, more bearable for those living in the comfortable confines of home. Those who live in the quiet countryside with fresh air to breathe each day will never know the choking experience of waking up to a smog-filled city. Well, if you would like to do your best to keep things nice and fresh at home, and yet need to earn a living in a city, then the $249.95 Air Quality Sensing Purifier makes plenty of sense.

The Air Quality Sensing Purifier happens to be a four-stage air purifier which will be able to sense the level of pollution in a room, where it then adjusts its three-speed fan speed accordingly to maintain optimal air quality. The unit itself comes with a color-changing sensor system (red would mean very dirty, purple is dirty, while blue signifies the air to be clean), which will constantly monitor air quality and automatically boosts the fan’s speed when it detects airborne impurities. There is also a washable pre-filter that traps dust and pet hair, while a second charcoal filter absorbs odors and harmful gases. Following that, air passes through a True HEPA filter which will capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, including allergy-provoking pollen, dust mites, mold, tobacco smoke, and pet dander. Last but not least, the presence of an internal ionizer freshens the air by releasing negatively charged ions that break down airborne bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless.