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Air Pro Cordless Air Compressor

The Airpro Cordless Compressor is a must have for your car tool box.
The Airpro Cordless Compressor is a must have for your car tool box.

Whether you’re lookin’ to fix a flat tire or pump up a flat football, the AirPro Cordless Air Compressor is ideal because it’s both battery operated and handheld. Great for bikers or brawlers, it provides up to 120 PSi of pumping strength and connects via a 15 inch air hose with locking Schraeder connector.

What’s really beneficial, is that the AirPro comes with two super bright LED work lights built into it so that if you’re stuck on the interstate at night you can not only see what you’re doing, but the lights will help you hunt down any foreign objects which may be sticking out of your tire. In the handle is an easy to read pressure dial and the top contains a hidden compartment for placing a variety of nozzle adapters including a ball needle.

The Air Pro is powered by a 12 volt DC power pack and includes a wall charger. Cost is about $70 from Brookstone.

One this is for certain, with a handheld capability, it sure beats pumping up and down on a plunger hoping to get your bike tire fixed.

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