Air Pick is a guitar without the guitar

Considering the popularity of music-oriented games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I am not surprised that something like the Air Pick has been made.
I’m not certain whether the Air Pick has come to late, as it seems that the music gaming fad is dying with Guitar Hero. However, Flair’s Air Pick is essentially a guitar pick that is thicker than a normal, and has “built-in jams”. The jams include such classics as “Satisfaction”, “Jumping Back Flash”, “Smoke on the Water”, “Born to be Wild”, and “Sweet Home Alabama”. All you have to do is strum the Air Pick in the air, and it will play the right notes.
Yes, it is totally cheating, and it doesn’t sound as good as playing the actual guitar. However, how close are we to creating a pick with accelerometers that will be as close to holding a real guitar as possible?
Seriously, think about it. Your phone is probably wireless connected to your headset via Bluetooth. Your laptop can do Wireless Internet. I don’t seem to remember this technology from a decade ago. My point is that you never know what sort of technology will become reality, and the air guitar could be as good as a real one.
These Air Picks from Flair should be out in a few weeks. I don’t have a price, but you should probably consider how long your thrill will be from a product like these before you purchase one.

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