Air Mail Launcher

Ah, there is nothing quite like receiving snail mail in your inbox, and I am quite sure that the younger generation who have never received a hand-written letter at all in their lives would be wondering what kind of thrill there is in waiting for a piece of correspondence to arrive in paper, where one still has to go through the motions of archiving it properly afterwards? Well, I guess some things simply cannot be explained in words, but has to be experienced for oneself, and receiving snail mail is one of them. Remember those air mail letters in the past, with the words “Par Avion” printed on them?

Well, you can have a little bit of “Air Mail” fun at your office, especially with the $12.99 Air Mail Launcher. It basically allows you to send important messages within a reasonable range, all without having to get a sore throat by shouting, and neither do you have to pick up the telephone and call the extension on the other line, but rather, using the Air Mail Launcher. This set of mail themed notes will remain on a stand with a launcher on it, and you can write what you want your recipient to read, before sending it off flying as a catapult – within a 15 feet range, of course. It will take some time to perfect your aim as well as accuracy, but at least it comes with 500 sheets for you to get started right out of the box.