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AirJamz – the thrill of playing music without actually playing


You can pick up a new skill at any stage in your life with enough determination. Whether that’s painting, ice skating, or playing guitar, there’s no such thing as too old or too young to start learning. Of course, if you just want the fun of jamming out with friends without actually knowing how to play an instrument, that’s where air guitar, piano, and lip syncing come into play.

 If you’ve decided that you don’t ever want to learn how to play an instrument and only want to stick to playing pretend, then the AirJamz will heighten your playing-but-not-actually-playing experience. This is an app-enabled Bluetooth toy that looks like a guitar pick, and will let you rock out to over 25 songs with up to 4 players at a time. Don’t worry, even if half of your friends only have iPhones and the other half have Androids, this will play nicely with all of them.

In addition to playing air guitar, you’ll also have access to 100+ instrument, laser, and synth sounds. This was designed with sharing in mind, so you can post your best or worst performances on Instagram and Snapchat for the world to see. The only downside to this fun toy is that is costs $39.99, which is a bit much to make your air guitar seem more real. Maybe $20 fun, but not $40 fun. That being said, no price tag is too high if you’re really dedicated to the craft.

Available for purchase on Amazon