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Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier comes with its own remote control

air-innovatorIf you feel that your home is a wee bit too dry, and this has caused your skin to peel and crack all over the place, perhaps it is time to start to consider picking up a humidifier or sorts. While we have seen our fair share of humidifiers in the past, including those that actually hook up to a USB port, here is the $99.99 Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier that allows you to control it from afar, thanks to an included remote control.

The Air Innovations Clean Mist Smart Humidifier will feature an extended 96-hour runtime and a permanent ceramic filter, where it will go about its job placing moisture back into your home so that your entire family will be able to sleep better, not to mention look better in the long run as well. There is an antimicrobial tank and base alongside a permanent ceramic filter that comes with it, where the entire shebang is fully digital and programmable with 5 mist settings and a built-in humidistat that helps to maintain a desired level of humidity. If you would like you and the entire household to breathe easier this winter, why not place an order now?