Air Flo Controller cools your palms

You know how it is when the in-game situation gets tough as nails, and your palms start to sweat a whole lot? Well, just like how there is this seat cooling pad available for office chairs as well as car seats, so too, do gaming controllers. The £22.99 Air Flo Controller will cater for PS3 owners, where it sports built-in fans that is capable of circulating a cooling breeze around your hands as you get your game on. All you need to do is plug in this sleek and ergonomic device, where both the buttons as well as the fans will star to glow in an icy blue colour. You can adjust the fan speeds in two different configurations, where the patented Air Flo technology will help keep your clammy palms nice and cool as you start dispatching off your opponents with skill and expertise.
The Air Flo Controller is capable of retaining all the essentials with the PS3 controller, including the dual rumble function, responsive buttons and reverse analog sticks. You won’t be able to go wireless with this though, as the Air Flo ergonomic controller has a 3 meter cord to keep it connected.

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