Air Dryer Shower

Not having to dry your self after a shower must be one of the ultimate acts of decadence, you can achieve this by a willing partner, catching a chill whilst drip drying or getting a Luxury Body Dryer.

The Luxury Body Dryer by Triton is like a gigantic hairdryer that you mount in the bathroom ceiling. As the name suggests it doesn’t just dry your hair but also the rest of your body, without a towel in sight.

The Body Dryer is controlled by remote and also offers the following benefits:

  • Effortlessly dry your body without keeping damp towels in your bathroom
  • More gentle on your skin than towels and more hygienic too
  • Doubles as a fast, efficient bathroom heater
  • Makes drying the kids (or even pets!) hassle-free and great fun
  • Less laundry and economical to operate – costs as little as 1p per minute to run
  • Reduces moisture in the air, making bathrooms less damp all-round

Like most decadent items this isn’t going to be cheap but hey you’re worth it. More details from Triton.

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