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Air conditioned office chair keeps workers cool “down there”

In the heat of summer, even the most air conditioned office cubicle can be a bit stuffy due to the stress of work and almost always, even with the A/C set to full blast the nether regions of an office worker’s body can get quite stuffy even without that hot secretary walking by. So that makes the Suzukaze Air Conditioned Seat Cushion required office equipment for just about any worker drone, right up there with the cool split keyboard.

Translates to English for “cool breeze,” the Suzukaze seat cushion not only keeps one’s “bum” elevated from the chair so cold air could come in directly from underneath, but it also includes a battery powered fan which will draw air into the cushion chamber in order to cool the user even faster.

The idea came to engineers who believe that by targeting specific parts of the body susceptible to heat, the body would remain cooler naturally and air conditioner use would be reduced, thereby saving energy. And with rechargeable batteries, the cost of powering the Suzukaze is just pennies a month on average.

There are three variants of the Suzukaze, the High Grade variant which has dual-layer Super Spacer material and a touch sensitive switch which can turn the fan on or off, the basic model sans fan, and a car version which connects to a car’s power adapter. Add a solar charger and this puppy could cool anyone with a window office off the grid.

Hat Tip – Gear Log

2 thoughts on “Air conditioned office chair keeps workers cool “down there””

  1. This is definately my gadget of the week! I thought about all the other cool items up for voting and then i realised this was the “coolest” (Of course the pun was intended!) However, that being said, coming from an incredibly hot country, there is nothing worse than peeling yourself from your chair and then being left with unsightly wet spots all over your bottom (giving peopel the impression you’ve lost the plot, when in fact you’re just too damn hot!) – No pun intended this time 😉
    This one get’s a glorious high 5 from me and everyone else in SA!!!

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