Air-Conditioned Bed Cushion Keeps You Sweat-Free

Air-Conditioned Bed Cushion

Summer just keeps getting hotter. Even Spring brought some temperatures in the 100s this year. If you’re content laying in bed with the sheets sticking to your sweaty body with nothing but a glass of ice cold water to keep you chilled, then by all means, go for it. But some of you surely can’t sleep unless your room is properly air conditioned.

The Air-Conditioned Bed gadget turns any bed into a cool place to rest your feet. Super quiet dual fans at the top of this special bed-covering cushion pulls cold hair from behind your head and circulates it thorugh out the device. This method keeps the Air-Conditioned Bed, and as a result, you, cool for the rest of the night.

The bed cushions offers three different fan speeds, depending on how cool you want to be, as well as a timer function for scheduling the Air-Conditioned Bed to turn on automatically. The cushion even comes with a bag for easy transportation if you feel like going mobile.

As one of those people who can’t sleep in stifling heat, I can attest that a gadget such as this would be awesome to have on my bed for those nights when normal AC just isn’t cutting it. This way, I could actually lay under my blankets and still be relatively cool. You can grab your own for $400.

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