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Air Circulating Garage Heater keeps things nice and warm

air-circulating-garage-heaterWhen winter comes a-callin’, you can be sure that there will be plenty of people out there who would be looking for different opportunities to keep themselves warm, and in a variety of ways. Some might opt for a greater number of layers of clothing, while others would prefer to let the money flow – and crank up the heating level, of course. For those who are blessed enough to have a garage in their homes, the $49.95 Air Circulating Garage Heater might be just the ticket item for you.

The Air Circulating Garage Heater will make use of a two-speed fan in order to circulate air as the entire space is being warmed up, even as it provides spot heating at the exact spot where you want it. Capable of generating up to 5,120 BTUs per hour, the heater will feature seven heat settings, which is ideal for hours of ambient warmth, or through rapid heating when a project requires completion in frigid conditions. The controls are extremely easy to adjust, and are also large enough to be manipulated even while one is wearing work gloves. Apart from that, there is an overheating reset which will ensure the temperature remains safe from reaching unsafe levels if left unattended. The durable housing would ensure that this heater is ideal for the bumps and knocks that are expected in a workspace, while a tip-over sensor would turn off power automatically should the unit take an unexpected tumble.