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The Air Bonsai – health, wealth, and patience

Air Bonsai

When you are finally settled into a “flow” of life, and find enough balance between work and a social life that you have unused time, you fill it with a hobby. Some people like to do social things like play ultimate Frisbee or want to join book clubs, but not everyone enjoys being around a bunch of people all the time. There are those who charge their social battery with some alone time, which would make sense to have a hobby that has you on your own.

Tending to a bonsai tree is not exactly a social event, and really more than one is a crowd. For those who love the idea of a bonsai tree and think that taking care of one would be the ultimate pastime, then Air Bonsai is going to be your new favorite time sink. This takes the idea of the levitating speakers we’ve seen in the past, but instead of producing sound it provides you with some decor and an indicator of your life balance.

This does need to be plugged into an outlet to get the energy base to do its job, but the main task of finding a plant to put in it will be up to you. There are several variations of this setup and you can choose to have either a moss ball or lava stone planter, and a plain or handmade energy base, all of which vary in price from $200-1000. You’ll have to place the plant you choose and pot it with precision for it to float and spin perfectly. This means the more it grows you’ll have to keep it in balance by clipping and snipping where need be.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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  1. The base of this is nice, but who wants to look at that ugly clump of roots floating under the plant? Ugh… That clump looks like the brain from the Planet Arous…

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