Ainol V100 – Audio + Video Player and Emulator

Ainol V100 - MP3 Player and Game Emulator

The Ainol V1000 is one of the coolest multi-featured audio/video devices on the market, too bad that the Chinese market is the only one that has the glory to offer it (or so it seems). The detail that makes it one of the coolest portable multimedia gadgets is that it can emulate NES, SNES and Sega games – so get ready to enjoy the old-school and classic games like Super Mario v1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

On the audio features there is support for MP3 and WMA, there is also an upgrade/addition from the previous versions – more exactly a FLAC lossless codec so that the music can have the best quality possible. The video section works with .AVI files that will let you play videos and watch them on the 2.5-inch-color-vivid-QVGA-screen-display. Phew!

Besides having a cool metallic style, it also looks to be kind of small which of course is good for portability and all its related aspects like ergonomics, usability and so on. In the inside there is a processor that can run at 400Mhz and is developed by ADI Blackfin.

There isn’t information about the price of each Ainol V1000 unit, but we do know that:

  • there will be two versions available differing in storage capacity: 512MB and 1GB
  • 10 equalizer effects for a better-audio-listening-experience
  • AVI video files playing at a 30 frames-per-second rate

Via themp3players

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