Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station

You know, pets do have feelings as well, and they can feel rather neglected at times, losing their appetite. You can’t just pull a tuna out from your pocket to make sure Garfield’s appetite is going to come back just like that – so why not get the $24.99 Aikiou Cat Stimulo Feeding Station and see it work wonders? Hopefully it will work as advertised, but before that, let us take a closer look at how it works.
This unique device is an interactive cat food dish which will stimulate the intellect while making sure your cat remains entertained during its mealtime. You will be able to hide bits of kibble in the bowl’s many tubes, so little puss will need to fish the kibble out with its paw whenever hungry. This in turn makes meals longer to eat, and that results in no weight gain – reducing digestive problems in the process to boot. Stimulo is also said to have brought back interest in food for older cats.
What do you think? Does it work wonders?