The Aid cane helps track of vital signs

I think it is a huge stereotype that senior citizens don’t deal well with technology, but this tech cane can do some very helpful things.
The cane, which is known as the Aid, has a built-in navigator that provides the user directions to a certain location. So if you get lost, this cane will point the way home.
Additional features include monitors for the user’s pulse, blood pressure, as well as body temperature. These important numbers are displayed on the LCD screen on the cane’s clasp. It even has a button for sending out an SOS in case of emergency.
I suppose that we will be seeing the Aid cane on rest homes in the future. I wonder if they will have Apps. I could insert a joke here about how a typical senior citizen won’t be able to figure out this technology, but I think senior citizens of the future are going to be more tech-savvy than your grandparents.
The Aid is the design from Lithuanian designer Egle Ugintaite, for the Fujitsu 2011 design award, and it won the grand prize. I suppose that we definitely be seeing the Aid cane soon, and I am probably going to be using it in the future when I take a walk. Hopefully, my vital signs will be looking good.