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Age Man Suit helps the young identify with the old

The young might find it rather alien to sympathize with the older generation, as they have yet to realize the wealth of information that the more senior generation have for us to tap into. Well, we too, wonder how come grandpa and grandma just cannot keep up with us when we were younger, running around like a jackrabbit without a care in the world. Well, here is a way for the younger generation to empathize with the older folks – through wearing the Age Man Suit. Yes sir, the Age Man Suit is extremely cumbersome, and it ensures you are transformed into a stiff and blurry-eyed version of yourself in years to come (for most of us, anyways). The Age Man Suit will feature a yellow visor, knee and elbow pads, in addition to a Kevlar-style vest and padded gloves, or so says The Guardian. This suit was created by German researchers so that modern societies are able to “sensitizeā€ themselves to the lives and needs of their rapidly-aging populations. Kevlar, eh? Do all senior citizens feel bulletproof? Source ]]>