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The Afterglow Nur Wireless Headset

Afterglow Nur Wireless Headset

Playing video games can be fun and relaxing, but having equipment that doesn’t work properly is bound to be take away some of the entertainment aspect. There’s a good chance your headset, keyboard, or mouse have broken a time or two, so you know how hard it is to look for a replacement. If you don’t end up buying the same thing you had before, then why not swoop on something that is a little more modern?

The Afterglow Nur Wireless Headset has a “next-generation look” with a boomless mic and no cables to knock things over or get tangled in. There are three custom LED lighting modes; manual, where one stable color of light is chosen, automatic, where the colors cycle through, and lights out, where all the lights are off. You’ll also be able to use two different audio modes for customized sound, and there is a voice cue interface to indicate the audio mode and battery power.

This will work with PS3, PS4, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. The transmitter will give you 100 feet of wireless connectivity, and with a 10 hour battery life it should last for long gaming sessions. This looks to be quite cushy with massive ear cups and a split headband so it won’t weigh down on the top of your head so much. It is at this split point where the charging dock will settle. This comes with a price tag of $159.99.

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