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Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker brings your music on the go

afterburner-bt-portable-speakerIt has been said that sharing is caring – hence, if you would like to share your latest discoveries in the world of music, using a pair of headphones would be fine – but unfortunately, sharing headphones with many different people is not exactly the most hygienic thing to do, either. Well, perhaps a portable speaker would be able to get the job done far better and in a more efficient manner, and with so many different models in the market to choose from, perhaps it is time you pick something that is more right up your alley – in terms of it being special and exclusive, of course, in the form of the $199.99 Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

The Afterburner Bluetooth Portable Speaker will, as its name suggests, pair up with your Bluetooth device, and it will deliver giant bass sound with 38W of audio power. Not only that, the Afterburner Portable Speaker measures more than2 feet in length, and it tips the scales at 18 pounds, which means it is not as portable as you might think, but it is still easy to tote around, hence the “portable” tag. It is the ideal speaker for those who enjoy having a jet engine strapped to their side blasting mega-bass. It has an Output Wattage of 20W RMS on battery or 38W RMS when it is plugged into an AC adapter. It also sports a standard 3.5mm audio jack, P-127J inputs for guitar and vocal performance.

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