The affordable USB Fingerprint Security Lock Flash Drive


This isn’t the first USB drive with a little fingerprint security thrown in.  It is definitely one of the cheaper versions though.  When it comes to extra security though, some might not like that the drive is remarkably cheaper than the rest.  That is, since it might be indication of a slightly more inferior product.  However, for those that are willing to give the cheaper drive a chance, you might want to check out this USB Fingerprint Security Lock Flash Disk.

It comes with a decent amount of storage packed into it, 8GB to be specific.  Which isn’t too shabby when you factor in that the drive is only going to cost you $37.61 a piece.  Other than that, it’s a fairly simple drive, it comes with a strap to make it more difficult to lose.  To get your data just press your finger to the USB drive.  It claims that even if your hands are highly greasy or have anything on them, it will still be able to read the print.  You can purchase the drive from Chinavasion.

Source: CoolBuzz