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Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Wrinkle Reducer might make you look younger

aesthetic-wandDo you wish that you could look younger, back in the days when there were a whole lot less wrinkles, not to mention no crow’s feet at all? Well, there are eye creams and facial creams by notable cosmetics companies that claim to be able to help slow down the effects of ageing, and then there are other devices that might just help turn the tide in your favor. The $499.95 Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Wrinkle Reducer is something that you might want to consider then.

The Aesthetician’s Ultrasonic Wrinkle Reducer happens to be a professional ultrasonic facial wand which claims to be able to penetrate deeper than commonly available models in order to help minimize the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles. It makes use of phonophoresis technology, which is utilizing ultrasound to enhance the delivery of ingredients to the skin. This is meant to stimulate cell metabolism and collagen production as it penetrates the epidermis with high speed, low-frequency micro-vibrations, while the ultrasonic wand gently exfoliates so that circulation is improved, while the skin’s elasticity is enhanced, with age spots also fading away like a bad nightmare. It will charge up using an included USB cable, and it turns off automatically after five minutes.