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The Aeron Chair is simple, and perfect for posture


It’s usually not until it’s way too late that we realize the damage we’re doing to our bodies by sitting at a computer. Our backs seize up, wrists get sore, eyes dry out and itch, and while there are ways to improve this, we often just don’t know where to look. While you can do simple things like download Flux for your eyes and the mental aspect of starting to turn your brain off at night, there are also posture reminders, standing desks, and much more.

While starting small with a wrist and foot rest aren’t bad ideas, you’ll eventually want to move up to the bigger stuff, like this Aeron Chair. Any chair that has a 12 year guarantee attached was likely made by people who think it’s capable of doing something for its users. While it looks simple, this chair is highly adjustable, and comes in different sizes to accommodate different heights. It’s meant for the serious office worker who knows how much of an impact this sort of item can have on your body.

Rather than just being a static chair or a swiveling recliner, this has a tilt limiter as well as a seat angle adjuster so you can lock in an angle and stay that way or shift to and fro. There’s also a vertically adjustable lumbar support, with the pad having a thinner and thicker side so you can choose how much support you would like. This is no small toss in the pond at $929, and you’ll want to choose your sizing correctly by deciding whether you want A, B, or C which range from small to large.

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