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The Aerb Wireless Keyboard Mouse Remote is the puppet master of a smart home

Aerb Wireless Keyboard Remote

When you want to turn your home into a smart home, you know it’s not something that you can buy, open a box, and immediately have. You have to purchase separate elements of a smart home, and configure them to all work together. Only after you have all the parts, pieces, and bugs worked out does it start to feel like a futuristic home that you barely have to move a finger to control.

 Of course, we’re not quite to the point where your gestures will turn off the lights or adjust the heat, so we need a device that will control our surroundings. This Aerb Wireless Keyboard Mouse Remote will take a little work to use across all your gizmos and gadgets, but once you’re done it will be the one pulling all the strings, and can fit in your hand. This multi-axes pointing device works for all sorts of gadgets and computers simultaneously as a mouse, keyboard, and remote.

You would start with the wireless receiver and remote, though you’ll need to get hold of some AAA batteries to make it do anything. This only costs $14.99, which makes you question how well it plays with other devices. If your aim is to try to cheap out and you don’t mind working through a few buggy aspects, it would likely end up being a reasonable purchase for the cost-conscious consumer.

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