AEE Selfly drone is the first smartphone case of its kind

aee-selflyCapturing selfies does not seem to be a trend that is dying out anytime soon, and people are finding more and more creative methods of shooting such portraits for posterity from crazy angles. The introduction of the selfie stick has certainly made life easier, but what if you were able to surpass all of your best selfie shots in the past? The AEE Selfly is one such idea, where it is actually a smartphone case that carries a drone! Think of Soundwave and his cassette tape Transformers, and you get the idea.

With the AEE Selfly, you will end up with a unique smartphone case where users everywhere are able to shoot amazing selfie shots at an entirely whole new level, enjoying both quality and precision at the same time. It does not matter what the event is, or where the location’s at, the height and distance does not really become a stumbling block, but rather, a stepping stone for creativity.

This is made possible thanks to high end stabilization technology that has been applied in the AEE Selfly, where it can snap itself onto majority of the standard size 4” to 6” smartphones. There are drone wings that allow the device to fly itself at the user’s command, where it delivers distant, tight angle or higher altitude photo selfies or videos. Whenever it hovers in the air, the AEE Selfly will wait for commands from an intuitive, easy-to-use and free smartphone app before it gets to work capturing that perfect shot from above. Boasting of Full HD video recording capability, the AEE Selfly has a flight time of four minutes, taking around half an hour to fully juice up, so you might want to make those selfie shot decisions count within the given time window. It will play nice with both iOS and Android platforms.

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