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Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock

They say that a man’s home is his castle, so why not provide your fortress with the Advanced Protection Digital Deadbolt Lock to show the world that you’re a real tech geek? This $279.99 device might sound rather pricey, but think about the peace of mind that it affords you – at least up to a certain degree, of course. This is a pickproof protection for your humble abode, where it is capable of withstanding a slew of picking attempts from unsavory characters. If you happen to live in a house where other denizens within have a penchant of forgetting their house keys, no worries, equip them with a passcode instead. Tag Keys which are also an alternative to gain entry makes life easier, and can be deleted from the system in a jiffy and rendered useless if one is lost or stolen. Not only that, the auto-lock function will also help out those who are prone to forgetfulness, and can be deactivated as well just in case one actually forgets the passcode as well as their keys. You can install it on just about any standard door with a simple Phillips screwdriver, so no worries about tearing out a new hole in the wall just for wiring.