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Advanced Classic NFL Electric Football Game: all the action, minus the sweat

advanced-nfl-electric-gameFootball — each season will bring with it new stories of triumph as well as defeat, joy and tragedy. Above all, it brings everyone together (as long as you support the same team, that is) regardless of one’s background, with the will of the fans sometimes helping the athletes to go beyond what they normally are able to in order to push onward to victory. Well, football has gotten smarter over the years for the casual player with the likes of the Wilson X Connected Football, but here we are with something that will let you pit your entire team against another — without dropping a bead of sweat. I am referring to the $149.95 Advanced Classic NFL Electric Football Game.

The Advanced Classic NFL Electric Football Game hails from Tudor Games, the very same company that invented the original all the way back in 1949. It will deliver a 36″ x 18″ field that is preferred by tournament players, and this updated model provides each side with the option of equipping its 11 included players with different bases. There will be speed “cleats” that enable backs or receivers to race down field, and strength cleats allow linemen to open holes. Where defense is concerned, the different bases grant pass-rushing speed to linemen and run-stopping power to linebackers. Each set comprises of 22 generic players, a couple of quarterbacks that run, pass, or kick, and two sets of uniform numbers to identify your favorite players, 70 NFL team end zone stickers, and all the relevant accessories (six felt footballs, two yard stick markers, and a ball marker) to get started right out of the box.